Do you know how Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other developing countries are making huge income from the comfort of their homes by selling their crafts?

Are you aware that a lot of handmade items or arts & crafts supplies can make you an income you never thought possible before?

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Do you have any craft talent at all? Do you make adornments, sew garments or great at making decorpage, side interest specialty, paper make, quilling, and sequins? On the other hand maybe your a capable painter or picture taker? Most likely, your friends commended you generally and exceptionally prescribe you to their friends. Whatever your skills are, there is an approach to market it effectively to worldwide buyers.

If crafting isn’t your thing, but you frequent car boot sales and have an eye for vintage treasures, you can sell those too!

Here is the secret: Sell them on Etsy. is an online marketplace for all things handmade. Etsy has lots of traffic. Etsy’s Alexa world rank is 136 (41 in the US), which is pretty awesome.

What Others From Your Region Are Selling

Many people from your region are selling fabrics and textile items. Things you can sell includes everyday items you can get easily around you. You may think these items are too common, but think about potential customers from other countries who do not have access to these items. For example, sellers from your area has been successful selling embroidered lace, embroidered fabric, floral trim, handcrafted lace, sari borders, trim crafting by yard and many more.

Simple things like silk fabric can be good products to sell too. It could be plain fabric, pure silk, or soft fabric of different colors. The fabric can be used by worldwide buyers to make necktie, dress, curtain or evening gown.

Things that are ready-to-use and handmade from fabrics such as pillow cases can sell well too. If you are good with your hands and able to make items like the above, you are in for good start.

You know some good craft suppliers near you? Why not start making money today too? Follow this 4 easy steps to start your Etsy shop.

More Reasons to Sell on Etsy

You will not get the same targeted audience for your products at, Flipkart, Snapdeal,, ShopClues, Infibeam or any local online marketplace. You can also set higher prices for your items because buyers on Etsy appreciates crafts and arts, and price tag is not their main concern. The possibilities really are endless. In addition to handmade, you can sell vintage items and supplies for arts & crafts too.

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