Need ideas of what to sell and start making money via Etsy?

Answer these questions:

1. What Have You Created That Was Praised? Have you ever made something (or purchased something) that other people loved? Maybe you knitted a pillow for your niece or designed something for a friend’s business, or maybe you’re complimented on your eye for handmade shoes or silk saris. This can be a good indication there’s a market for that product.

2. What Desperate Needs Can You Fill? All successful businesses have one thing in common, and that’s that they fill a need. This is how many sellers in your region started their shop. A potential customer wanted customized silk neckties for a groom at her wedding, and couldn’t find them. So a seller made them for that customer, and then filled that need for other brides. Think back to the last time you had difficulty finding something. Can you fill that need?

3. What Do You Enjoy Doing or Creating? You want to start an Etsy shop so you can express your creativity and be paid for it. So what are your hobbies? So start with what your hobbies are. If you love crafting, consider selling your favorite craft. If you love shopping for vintage dress, consider selling vintage dress.

If you’re reading some of our examples and thinking to yourself that they’re not good ideas because there’s too much competition, we’ve got news for you (don’t worry, it’s good news!):

Competition is a good thing. It means there’s a market for your product. If there were no competition, there’s a reason for that.

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Making Sure Products Will Sell

We don’t want you to waste your time and effort by setting up an Etsy shop around an idea that won’t sell. And the only way to see if there’s a market for what you sell is by validating your idea.

So how do we do this? Through research of course.

Simple things like silk fabric can be good products to sell too. It could be plain fabric, pure silk, or soft fabric of different colors. The fabric can be used by worldwide buyers to make necktie, dress, curtain or evening gown.

Things that are ready-to-use and handmade from fabrics such as pillow cases can sell well too. If you are good with your hands and able to make items like the above, you are in for good start.

Many people from your region are selling fabrics and textile items. Things you can sell includes everyday items you can get easily around you. You may think these items are too common, but think about potential customers from other countries who do not have access to these items. For example, sellers from your area has been successful selling embroidered lace, embroidered fabric, floral trim, handcrafted lace, sari borders, trim crafting by yard and many more.

Unique collections of handmade jewelry, featuring stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings by talented artisans and so much more. The more personalized the jewelry is, the better.

Unlimited, radiant color palette of gemstone beads and semi precious stones. Using gemstones in custom jewelry is the perfect way to add natural beauty to any of the designs.

Wedding and bridal jewelries are also good products to start in Etsy particularly handmade and affordable ones.

Customized handmade greeting cards, gift tags, invitations, party decorations and favors, stationery card sets, paper boxes other paper goods for all occasions. Cards for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, baptisms and christenings, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, graduation and more!

How do you feel about comfortable and unique wedding supplies? This seller managed to fulfill the demands for Boho dresses, bridesmaids dresses, Palazzos, Skirts and Bridesmaid Robes and made more than 4320 sales since 2014. You can try this category too.

You can also try selling premium quality decals which works perfectly for tiles, walls, staircase, kitchen and bathroom, floor, furniture, ceiling, indoor, outdoor, glass, metal, woods & many more surfaces.

How do you go about Indian craftwork & supplies. Are you artistic by nature and like to create handmade items? You cal try selling craft mirrors, brass bells, decorative tassels, ethnic jewelry, crochet bags, kutch embroidery works and so much more. Use your imagination and be creative!

You should also research your competition. See what they are selling. If they are doing well, there is a high chance you can too.

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